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How to create a Heroglyph-Title in Premiere Elements or Pro.


The most popular and comfortable use of Heroglyph is as plugin in Premiere Elements or Pro.
Just create a title and place it in the Premiere Timeline - in the same way as known from the Premiere-own titler.
Don´t worry about the graphic format, Import and Export processes or eve Alphachannel!
The plugin solves this automatically for you!
The use as plugin is described as following:

Image #1

Image #1

Create a title:
On location [A], press right-mouse to open the context menu [Image #2]
Heroglyph will start up for the title editing. Once you created everything, press F12 to apply the title and to go back to premiere.

View title:
Drag the title-scene into the premiere timeline [B].

Further edit:
Double-click the title-scene [Premiere Timeline] [C] and "edit Title"[Image #3].

Image #2

Image #2

Context menu for [A]

Image #3

Image #3

If you wish to edit the title-duration in the premiere timeline directly, deactivate "use Heroglyph timebase".

Make sure that the option"Composite" is switched on to see the title over the video with matte.

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