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ProDAD - Support :: ID [93 ] :: 2008-09-02

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Recommendations for product registrations


1) The registration for products without built-in registration function can be settled here:
Adorage productline: www.prodad.de

2) The registration of products with built-in registration function can be settled as following
- In Heroglyph products: menu "help", "Registration"
- In VitaScene products: menu "help", "Registration"
- In Mercalli products: "Registration" button

The obligatory registration number can be found here:
- Download purchase: In the licence information/download link email
- Box-producrt purchase: sticker inside box or on the CD/DVD papertray

Please do not modify the created registration-email or its subject or the recipient address.
This guarantees a fast processing of your registration.

Please note:
The registration email will be created through your system email client (e. g. Outlook or Thunderbord etc.)

Possibly you need to finally send the email by using the email clients 'send email(s)' function.
Due to privacy reasons we´re not just transmitting the data directly because we´ld like to give you the possibility to see which data you´re transmitting with the registration - sounds a little bit difficultier but provides max. transparency for our customers which is our priority.

If your editing PC doesn´t have internet access:
In the registration form you also can choose the option
'Print registration form' or
'Process registration application form as text (file)'

The printed application you can send us by fax or postal mail.
The text file also can be transferred by memory stick to an internet connected PC to send the email to info@prodad.de .

General notes:
- Demoversions generally can´t being registered because they don´t include whether a registration code nor a registration function.
- Products especially for Pinnacle Studio needs to be registered/activated differently, for information for each product see link below.
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