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ProDAD - Support :: ID [92 ] :: 2008-08-22

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If VitaScene is being used on a Titleclip in Edius, the effect doesn´t appear or it appears on the full screen only. But the desired effect is a VitaScene effect as transition between two titles or as rays or glimmer on a title.


Edius currently doesn´t support Alphachannel technology on title clips for 3rd party plugins. Once this is supported in future, also the VitaScene effect will be rendered based on this alpha channel because VitaScene supports Alphachannel technology already from Version 1.0.

Until then the only workaround is the use of VitaScene as standalone version where you can import the title source(s) as Video A and B, apply the effect and export as a videoclip. This result can be reimported into Edius finally as viceoclip in the timeline.
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