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ProDAD - Support :: ID [91 ] :: 2008-02-13

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I received an email with my download link for a trial from Element5/Digital River.
I try to download the demoversion and click on the link given in the email..
Error '403' or the proDAD welcome page with the language selection appears.


The link you try to use is errorneous or incomplete used for download.

Sometimes particularly long links are divided across two lines in an e-mail program - this means that clicking on the link will not always allow the user to navigate to the correct Website. To ensure that the download page can be accessed correctly, please highlight the entire link with your mouse, right click, and then select "Copy".

Instead of using your mouse, you can also copy the link by pressing "CTRL"
+ "C", and then paste the link by pressing "CTRL" + "V" (Windows) and
"Command" + "c" and "Command" + "v" for Macintosh.

Make sure that the link does not contain any line breaks. Then paste the
entire link into the address bar of your Web browser and press enter.

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