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ProDAD - Support :: ID [89 ] :: 2008-02-11

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Getting no answers on your email?


proDAD is well-known for its high standard of prompt service. That also goes for our response times to your emails.
For us, it goes without saying that you, as our customer, are automatically a user of high-quality products – and thus naturally entitled to excellent service – at no extra charge of course.

Unfortunately, communication channels sometimes obstruct our service.
For instance, recipients of the Comcast service face difficulties in receiving any emails from proDAD at all.
It is hard to understand, but nevertheless true that proDAD emails do not get through unless the subscriber deactivates the SPAM filter in the Comcast account settings of his/her email account.

A troublesome consequence of this situation is the failure of emails containing final licence keys for full software versions to reach their intended recipients. We also regret that download links to demo-versions cannot be sent.

Quite clearly, this is a problem that we at proDAD ourselves cannot resolve.
Our many enquiries to Comcast have come to nothing and it therefore appears wishful thinking to expect them to eliminate the problem...

All we can do is recommend that customers check their Comcast account settings to allow trouble-free communication with proDAD. If necessary, temporarily deactivating the SPAM filter will help.
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