History - Vitascene v2

Date Version Information
09-May-2015 2.0.236 Support for 72 core systems
02-May-2015 2.0.235 Improvements for EDIUS 7.50
20-Apr-2015 2.0.234 Plugin for Adobe Premiere CC 2015
19-Nov-2014 2.0.230 Plugin for Pinnacle Studio 18
11-Sep-2014 2.0.228 Plugin for Cyberlink PowerDirector 13
07-Jul-2014 2.0.227 Plugin for Adobe Premiere CC 2014
29-Nov-2013 2.0.224 Plugin for Corel X7 64bit
14-Aug-2013 2.0.219 Fixed Edius 7 plug-in crash.
09-Jul-2013 2.0.215 Edius 7 Plugin 64bit
Premiere CC Plugin 64bit
02-May-2013 2.0.211 Adjustems for Adobe Premiere
19-Dec-2012 2.0.203 Improvements
15-Sep-2012 2.0.196 Premiere CS: issue Copy/Paste fixed
01-Aug-2012 2.0.193 Adjustments for Edius 6.5 S3D Video.
Edius 6.5 Alpha-Channel improvements.
27-Jun-2012 Edius 6.5 Plugin added
31-May-2012 2.0.186 Premiere CS6 support improved
Avid Studio install issue fixed
19-May-2012 2.0.181 Premiere CS6 and AfterEffects CS6 support
05-May-2012 2.0.179 Compatibility to NVidia-Cards improved
06-Apr-2012 2.0.171 Compatibility to NVidia-Cards improved: Whole range of Quadro-Card Series.
Plugin for Avid MediaComposer 6 added
22-Mar-2012 2.0.166 Plugin for Adobe AfterEffects CS and higher added
10-Mar-2012 2.0.160 Refresh Issue by NVidia-Driver fixed
Bugfix: Create Own Effects
Diffuse Issues with two Monitors fixed
Video-Memory Requirements reduced
22-Jun-2011 2.0.113 Wrong Blur-Effects corrected.
17-May-2011 2.0.112 Serious problem solved: Loading of Vitascene-modules failed.
Occurred in Edius with enabled AE-bridge.
This is a recommended update for all vitascene plugins.
15-Apr-2011 2.0.108 Fixed Issue at WinXP: The Procedure Entry Point Direct3DCreate9X Could Not Be Located In The Dynamic Link Library D3D9.DLL
12-Apr-2011 2.0.107 Minor changes


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